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Welcome to our Home Interior Decoration Styles Services. When you think about the interior design of a new flat, the first thing that comes to mind is what style the design will be. Usually. In our country, design style is considered a little less important. But the importance of this can be felt when we start living in flats.

Furniture Color Combination, Texture, Windows Position, Lighting, etc. If not the right combination of things at one time the whole room environment becomes indifferent and stressful. Therefore, we need to know about the design style in advance.

Here we will discuss Mostly used 4 Design Styles for Home Interior Decoration 


০1. Traditional Interior Style:


Traditional Interior Design for interior design

Traditional Interior Design originates from the use of wood designs in the European Old-School style. This style of interior design is still popular in our country. The most important aspect of this style is “consistency”, meaning that all the elements, from the sofa to the lamp and other furniture will be in pairs.

This style also has some more features like Heavyweight furniture fittings, Classic and Antique Arts pieces, Dark Wood, Practical Color, and Stylish and Elegant.

Some of the more notable features of the traditional style:

  • A reflection of the classic European style.
  • Extended molding and wood paneling.
  • Built-in cabinet.
  • Expensive fabrics such as comfortable fabrics like silk, velvet, cashmere, and cotton and linen.
  • Bright tiles and wooden floor pattern


০2. Modern Interior Style:

Modern Interior Design for interior design

Firstly, a clean and shiny feature on the interior design basically represents the Modern Home Interior Decoration Style. Most of the materials used in this design are glass and steel. It is very simple to look at and extremely beautiful. You will get a fresh look at the whole decoration. Many of those who want a little change in the interior design of the house can win the minds of only these two things, smooth and unique design of furniture.

Key features of Modern Interior Style:

  • Bold Color Contrast / Compatibility with primary color.
  • Plain area carpet / geometric pattern.
  • Open Floor Plans
  • Smooth and clean line furniture.
  • Intentional inconsistent design.
  • The combination of art with accessories.

০3. Contemporary Interior Style:

contemporary interior design for interior design
contemporary interior design

Many people think that Contemporary Interior Style and Modern Style are the same. But in reality, these two styles are completely different from each other. However, designers often negotiate these two styles to create a pattern. Contemporary design is more related to nature. This is the most popular style at the moment because the cost is relatively lower here than the traditional style.।

Key features of the contemporary interior style:

  • Open space / open floor plan.
  • Variation of the layout.
  • Use of natural light.
  • Neutral color.
  • Use of metal pieces.
  • Texter and natural fabric.
  • Extremely dark / extremely light wood tones.
  • Touches of art in lighting design.


০4.Minimalist Home-Interior Style:


Minimalist Interior design for Home Interior Decoration Styles


Minimalist Interior Design is really simple and low-key. The principle of this design is “less is more”, so here are some simple things that are highlighted through extraordinary design. Although technically it is not an established design style, it is in considerable demand. These design trends were introduced and gained popularity in the middle of the twentieth century. It was largely influenced by exquisite Japanese design.

Key Features of Minimalist Interior Design Style:

  • Simple Home Interior Decoration
  • White, black, and primary colors will prevail. No stimulus colors or prints will be used.
  • There will be minimal furniture inside the room.
  • Enough air will pass through the inner space.
  • Very Clean Design

These four Interior design styles are more popular in South Asia.
There are also several other interior styles in the world. For examples Mid-Century Modern Style, Industrial Interior Design, Eclectic Design Style,  Beach / Nautical style, Farmhouse style, Scandinavian style, Rustic style, Southwestern style, Vintage style, Bohemian style, Art Deco style, etc.  

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