Office Interior Design Concepts

Our aim at Cloud71design is to change the way office design is performed in Bangladesh. We create, construct, and complete modern office interior design concepts to engage your employees while simultaneously utilizing the complete potential of your workspace. Best of all, we take care of everything for you. With us by your side, you will never need to go through the hassle of dealing with the logistics of supervising multiple contractors. Our team will stick to your specific budget and seek inspiration from modern office interior design concepts and trends. It doesn’t matter whether you’re thinking of renovating your existing workplace or looking to fit out a brand-new corporate office workspace, Cloud71design will create the office space you’re looking for.

Our Office Design Concept Process

Cloud71design is at the forefront of office design-build across Bangladesh. We have more than 7 years of experience building an innovative workspace for a wide range of clients across a variety of industries. When you select Cloud71design to design, create, and build your custom office interior, we will follow an established design process that helps us understand the needs of your business. This process also allows us to create the perfect space that will motivate your staff, boost their productivity, and improve their communication.


With our most effective design concept process, we will efficiently manage your entire project life cycle.


We take the time to learn about the goals and objectives of your business, then conduct a thorough analysis of your workplace and how it is being utilized by your employees. This detailed research helps us to create the ideal space that will motivate your staff and boost their productivity levels.


Even after we get a complete understanding of your business, we continue to work closely with you as we develop a concept that fits your company’s current and future requirements.


Our team of interior designers will now start preparing the finishing touches for your office space. Colors, textures, fabrics, finishes, and furniture are all selected with your preferences and budget in mind. We also plan out where each element will go in your new space so we can ensure we are making optimal use of your workplace.


Upon approval of the design concept, we can take you on a tour with 2D sketches, 3D renderings, and Virtual Reality Tours to show you your future space before proceeding with construction.


All the design and conceptual work that has been completed up to this point are transformed into technical drawings; the Cloud71design team then uses these to bring your custom workspace to life. Our unique design-build concept ensures that we take care of everything, including construction, installation, furniture, and move-management. This guarantees that nothing gets overlooked and everything runs smoothly.

Custom Commercial Office Interior Design Concepts

We believe that every business requires a workspace that fits the needs of both the employees and the company. We understand that different industries have different needs; there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to office design. We work alongside our clients to develop an original sophisticated space based on the demands of their business.
We have experience working with clients of all different sizes in all types of industries, from co-working, manufacturing, and tech, to professional services and healthcare.

Best Office Interior Design Company In Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Cloud71design is the best office interior design company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Also Cloud71design is the best office furniture manufacturer in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Cloud71design has some of the best interior designers on-board who can effectively utilize space management techniques to create the most impressive commercial interior designs for you. Our team members have decades of experience when it comes to creating exceptional office interiors for a variety of businesses. If you decide to appoint us as your workplace interior design firm, you will witness this rich expertise for yourself.

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